One of the saddest fucking sentences in the history of saddest fucking sentences. 

if you didn’t read the book, it sounds like he’s talking about blazing one


So, let me guess— you just started a new book, right? And you’re stumped. You have no idea how much an AK47 goes for nowadays. I get ya, cousin. Tough world we live in. A writer’s gotta know, but them NSA hounds are after ya 24/7. I know, cousin, I know. If there was only a way to find out all of this rather edgy information without getting yourself in trouble…

You’re in luck, cousin. I have just the thing for ya.

It’s called Havocscope. It’s got information and prices for all sorts of edgy information. Ever wondered how much cocaine costs by the gram, or how much a kidney sells for, or (worst of all) how much it costs to hire an assassin?

I got your back, cousin. Just head over to Havocscope.

((PS: In case you’re wondering, Havocscope is a database full of information regarding the criminal underworld. The information you will find there has been taken from newspapers and police reports. It’s perfectly legal, no need to worry about the NSA hounds, cousin ;p))

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honestly i hate when people try to sugar coat shit like if you don’t like me or don’t wanna hang or don’t wanna talk to me just fucking tell me don’t keep ignoring me and expect me to figure out the hint like that’s such a bitch ass move i’d rather hear it from you than be ignored 99% of the fucking time.

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margaret qualley gif pack.


DISCLAIMER: These gifs were made by me. Every last one of them. And if I see any of them in a different hunt without credit to me, I will report your ass to tumblr staff so quickly. Just be warned. 

There are 163 gifs in total and they were made to be used by RP blogs, but you can use them for anything you can think of except put them in another hunt. They are all from her role as Jill Garvey in The Leftovers! Enjoy. <3

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I want a 1x1 with original characters that both players create, with FCs that make you ship it so hard that you can’t live without them. With a plot that will keep you hooked and won’t end up dying because the ideas will keep on coming and coming. I want a RP partner that I can call a friend, someone that won’t disappear on you and be by your side like real friends do. I want rainbows and unicorns oh, and world peace too.

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ok but like a total baby-faced white skirts high heels daddy’s-little-princess girl and a tattooed rough’n’ready leather jackets and cigarettes motorcycle-riding boy

plot twist they’re both highly trained assassins going after each other

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ideas to spice up your roleplay plots.


These were all originated by various people on Polyvore, only a few are mine but from a year or so ago. If you feel like your 1x1 isn’t going anywhere, or maybe a couple characters should have great character development in a roleplay but you can’t think of any, try out some of these. Each list was created by a different person or at least in a different place.


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HERMIONE HELPS YOU - Moodboard Psd One

Character moodboards are really trendy right now, and I know many people aren’t quite sure how to make the layouts, so here’s a psd template to help! All sections should be clearly labeled and easy to understand. Please note that this is a base; all colors, fonts, and sections are completely customizable. In fact, it’ll look so much better if you change it around to match your character. So do whatever you want with it. Here is an example of a completed moodboard.

No credit is necessary, but a like or reblog is certainly appreciated. Please don’t repost, redistribute, or claim as your own. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Also, thanks to icarus-writes and asheathes for inspiration.

Go here to download.

A mini-tutorial is under the cut. Please read this first before asking any questions.

First off—basic resources:

  • Examples of moodboards: [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • Picture blogs: [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • Typography tutorials: [x] [x] [x]

Many of the resources listed above were found off of icarus-writes's tutorial, so here’s another thanks to her. <3

This will make much more sense if you have the psd open, so make sure that’s open first. I will be going through the psd from bottom to top.

  • Background/base layer - This is pretty self-explanatory. You can keep the background as is or change the color.
  • Character name layer - Once again, self explanatory. I recommend changing the font to one that matches your character. For example, in my moodboard, I used a cursive font.
  • Next is a divider layer. I would leave those alone unless you’re moving things around.
  • Section 1: Colors - Okay, open up the group. You should see six circle layers and six text layers. To change the color of a circle layer, select the layer and then click on the shape tool. You should see a button on the top that says fill; click on it. There you will find a drop down list of colors. Select the color picker on top-right hand corner and bam. You have all the colors of the rainbow to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your color scheme, go to the text layers and give all the colors names. Good places to find color schemes: [x] [x] [x]
  • Section 2: Quotes - Select the layer that says “quote here” and type in your quote. Again, I recommend changing the font and color to match your character. Go crazy with typography.
  • Section 3: Style - Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Don’t worry, just a little. The dimensions of the shapes, as stated in the psd are 67x111. After you have resized the picture for polygon one, paste it in a layer directly above it. It must be the layer after it or else this won’t work. Next, carefully place the picture over the polygorn. Make sure that layer is still selected, and then press on the dropdown “layers” button at the top (right between “image” and “type”) and then click on “Create clipping mask”. Voila. Repeat this process for the next two images, and remember the picture layers go right on top of the shapes.
  • Section 4: Portraits - Okay, for this layer, you have the option between frame textures or polaroid textures. Hit the little eye button next to the layer to hide whichever option you’re not using. The dimensions of each picture are stated in the psd.
  • And now, once again, you have a choice. The template has two options for section 5—a patterns section or a symbols section. Be sure to hide whichever option you aren’t using with the eye button again.
  • Section 5: Symbols - You can find these easily off of google images. Minimalist posters are also a great place to look.
  • Section 5: PatternsHere's a pattern blog, and here's another. Also, try google or colourlovers.
  • Section 6: Mood - Links to picture blogs are shown above. Try to think of your character’s interests, quirks, emotions, etc. for inspiration on what to pick.

That’s it! If you still have questions after reading this, message me (preferably off anon).

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↳ #2500+ HQ gifs of DYLAN O'BRIEN can be downloaded HERE. Some of the following gifs are mine. Full credit to those who made the rest of them. The gifs are from every project he's worked on, and are split up into folders (The First Time folder, Teen Wolf folder, etc.) Enjoy.


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